Fit to Fight ® Krav Maga

Program Overview

We are moms, teachers, blue-collar workers, professionals, and average people. Everyone wants to learn how to protect themselves, and family, in a non-intimidating environment. This is particularly important to us and why we’re the only place for you!

Krav Maga is world-renowned as an extremely effective self-defense system. It is currently used by over 200 law enforcement agencies, in the US alone, and is practiced by untold numbers of everyday civilians looking to be safer and fitter. However, the truth is, there is little to no difference in the training and curricula offered by the seemingly ubiquitous organizations found around the world. While most of the groups laud one figurehead or another, the evolution touted is merely a tagline. Fit to Fight® is the innovative disrupter in the Krav Maga world. Fit to Fight® Krav Maga’s curriculum is progressive and dynamic, in the way Krav Maga was meant to be. While others attempt to follow our lead, by cobbling together techniques made relevant by Fit to Fight®, we continue to test everything we do, in order to make sure what we offer is the best training available. Fit to Fight® Krav Maga…be Fit to Fight® and harder to kill.